Our Flowers

When first cultivating our land I pictured an orchard with flowers and bees buzzing around in the springtime. The very first spring here I added 50 trees to the front of the property (only to add 70 more after that). Then permanent raised beds were added for the vegetable garden. Before you knew it we were producing much more than we needed, and the farmstand opened.

In recent years I have been very excited about the addition of flowers. Sure they were part of the original plan of fruit blossoms, but since 2016 I have found more than beauty in the blooms. Flowers can help bring up emotions that are so easily concealed in our busy daily lives. Through the giving of flowers you can share an emotion with another person. Compassion, sorrow, and hope are all emotions I have felt when spending a moment with flowers. I hope by sharing our flowers with the community, they can also find a deeper connection with thier feelings. As a bonus, they are also super pretty!

In the fall of 2018, I was honored to receive a scholarship to Erin Benzakein’s Floret Farm Workshop. This is going to be a game changer here at the farm, and I am so excited to utilize her techniques here at Card Farm.

Here is a variety of what we have to offer in order of bloom, starting with May:

June things warm up a little and we have Peonies, Snapdragons, and Campanula:

July starts Dahlias and we continue to have dahlias through October:

And, of course the Lisianthus !!!